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“Approach the Bench” started as a gift idea for my father. While I was growing up, we used to play chess together and as an attorney, he was inundated with “World’s Greatest Lawyer” coffee mugs, ties and the like for his birthday, father’s day, etc. A few years ago, I was walking down Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, and noticed themed chess sets (Crusaders vs. Moors, Yankees vs. Red Sox, The Simpsons, etc.) in some shop windows. I started to wonder if there were any legal themed chess sets I could get my father for his office. An internet search yielded no legal themed chess sets, and the idea for ‘Approach the Bench” was born. A year later we are featured in the ABA Holiday Gift Guide, the Rundown online Magazine, the Legal Intelligencer and more!


Approach The Bench: The Chess Set For Legal Professionals

Elegant and austere, it is the perfect gift for an attorney, law school graduate, judge, or anyone associated with the law. “Approach the Bench” combines the strategy and intellectual prowess of chess, with figures and images one would find in the courtroom.

The chess pieces, made of composite resin are based on iconic courtroom figures:

Approach The Bench: Court Room Holiday Ornament Set:

Available in Gold and Silver


Order in the Court!

Presenting our beautiful legal-themed holiday ornaments! Perfect for the holidays or any time, these elegant ornaments will stand out on a Christmas tree, hung from a window or wreath, placed on a desk or anywhere in the home or office!

Featuring iconic courtroom figures (Judge, Blind Justice, Male and Female Attorneys, a Bailiff, a Stack of Law Books with a gavel resting atop and male and female jurors), “Approach the Bench” ornaments are a great gift for your favorite law student, lawyer or judge! Available in silver and gold, individually or in sets of eight, “Approach the Bench” holiday ornaments are sure to make your holiday a special one!ree, hung from a window or wreath, placed on a desk or anywhere in the home or office

Approach The Bench: Chocolate Figures

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Practicing law can be trying! It is sometimes difficult, and sometimes very sweet. What better way to celebrate law and its practitioners than with “Approach the Bench” chocolate figures? Based on the “Approach the Bench” chess figures (Judge, Male and Female Attorneys), these milk chocolate figures are a great way to reward hard work, unwind after a challenging day or say “Thank You” or “Congratulations” to an employee.

The chessboard is uniquely “stepped” to resemble a jury-box
and a bench, and is handcrafted from a composite resin and Italian stone tile.

*Optional personalized engraved brass plaque and/or magnet chess set available upon request.

Original figure designs and molds by Brian Thomas

Original board designs by Warren Spindler

**Custom chess sets also available in any color (including school colors) and
made out of any material (gold/silver/platinum and custom material upon request)